@mattab opened this Issue on August 20th 2014 Member

The goal of this ticket is to add support for MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server) in Piwik, to let users run Piwik using this alternative database.

This was requested by several users for example in this forum post.

Feel free to comment if you are interested to help implement this feature in Piwik!

@CreativeManix commented on March 23rd 2016

+1 for MSSQL

@jmsunseri commented on September 26th 2016


@mattab commented on September 26th 2016 Member

If a company is willing to sponsor this development, we would consider implement it in Piwik. please contact us (the core engineering team) at: https://piwik.org/development/

@mattab commented on July 9th 2022 Member

Realistically we won't work on this ourselves, so closing here.

This Issue was closed on July 9th 2022
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