@McSta opened this Issue on August 11th 2014

In transitions I miss the number of users who converted to a goal in transitions. Users come to my pages and have the chance to reach a goal by clicking on several (form) elements. When submitting this form a forwarder page is loaded. This page is not to be tracked by Piwik, but the goal ist tracked via an JS-call on that page.

This means: a user can visit one of those pages, click on one of the elements that are leading to forwarder page and a goal is tracked. In user log I can see this perfectly well, but in transitions the goal actions are missing.

@mattab commented on August 20th 2014 Member

Thanks for the suggestion. I think it is by design so far that we do not show the "Goal triggered via JS" as a next action in Transitions. At this stage Transitions shows next pages, next site searches, downloads and outlinks.

If we also displayed the "Goal triggered" as next action, then the Transitions would not actually show the next action (which may be another pageview or so).

So far we do not define "Goals" as Actions so maybe it does not make sense to change this?

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