@siulca opened this Issue on August 10th 2014

I've noticed that sometimes page visits, actions or goals performed at nearly the same time get registered as new visits. See screenshot:

screen shot 2014-07-29 at 18 34 49
for example.

@mattab commented on August 20th 2014 Member

Thanks for the report. I think the following issue will solve this bug: #4910

@lancerushing commented on October 10th 2014

I'm seeing this also when tracking goals/actions.

web analytics reports 2014-10-10 15-05-24

@mattab commented on December 1st 2014 Member

The work done in the Queue tracker issue will definitely help this #6075

@siulca commented on October 8th 2018

4 years on... I'm still seeing this bug. It's making me lose hope in Motomo (Piwik) :(


@tsteur commented on October 8th 2018 Member

The only solution to this is to set up Queued Tracking (we made this easy to set up a while ago) https://plugins.matomo.org/QueuedTracking

@siulca commented on October 9th 2018

Thank you for the link. Is there any reason why this is a plugin and not inbuilt as a default feature?

My website doesn't have much traffic at all (50-100 visits per day). And I see this duplicate (sometimes triple and quadruple) visit behaviour when there's a single person visiting the site.

@siulca commented on October 24th 2018

That plugin appears to have fixed it. Thank you. You may close this now.

This Issue was closed on October 24th 2018
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