@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on March 10th 2009

This Plugin is in a very early stage of developement. So, don't use it if you aren't a developer or tester!

Features to be implemented

  • you are free to choose the underlaying map from a great variety of maps, including Open Source Maps like OpenStreetMap and proprietary, such as Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, etc.
  • show the location of your visitors on the map
  • detailed information will be given as you click a marker

First version of the plugin will be attached as soon as it follows the coding standarts. Untill then use the version of the piwik-hackers mailinglist.
Keywords: GeoIP, Map

@robocoder commented on April 24th 2011 Contributor


@anonymous-piwik-user commented on May 8th 2010

Hi Christian,

great idea to develop such a plugin! Is there any ongoing development here?

Thanks & bye

@mattab commented on April 23rd 2011 Member

It appears the demo, mentioned in the mailing list message, does not work anymore unfortunately: http://piwikdev.christianrockt.de/index.php?module=GeoIPosm&action=getGeoIPMap

@robocoder commented on April 24th 2011 Contributor

For reference, I've attached Christian's code.

This Issue was closed on April 24th 2011
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