@mattab opened this Issue on March 10th 2009 Member

in the api response we have:

<result date="2009-03-09 to 2009-03-15">249</result>

instead it should be:

<result dateFrom="2009-03-09" dateTo="2009-03-15">249</result>

we should clarify whether or not the dateTo is fully included in the report or not.

see #5793

@robocoder commented on April 26th 2009 Contributor

dateTo should accept the magic keywords "today" and "yesterday".

@robocoder commented on May 27th 2009 Contributor

Scratch my comment. I was thinking request instead of response.

@mattab commented on January 17th 2011 Member

marking wont fix for now, since it's unlikely we will change API output at this stage until a next major release.

This Issue was closed on January 17th 2011
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