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The API function CoreAdminHome.invalidateArchivedReports deletes the invalidated data.

Problem: when a lot of data is invalidated, this results in data loss in the user interface - until the reports are re-processed from the logs. It can often take hours for data to be re-processed for all dates and segments.

Goal of this ticket is to minimise temporary data loss when API invalidateArchivedReports is used by users (see How do I record tracking data in the past, and tell Piwik to re-process the past reports?)


  • make this API function invalidate the old data instead of erasing it (set a new done flag?)
  • make API read normal archives and also invalidated ones (normal ones first)
  • delete the "invalidated data" later (maybe just after the new archive was created?)
  • add test
@mkurzeja commented on September 3rd 2014 Contributor


I'll be happy to work on this.

I'll commit a short proposal today

@mattab commented on November 5th 2014 Member

see follow up issue in #6598

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