@mattab opened this Issue on August 4th 2014 Member

Goals of this ticket are to:

  • re-include in Git the example Reports and Dimensions (removed in this commit)\
  • re-include this commit to restore tests: tests
  • can we disable the ExamplePlugin by default, to somehow prevent these dimensions from being added to any user unless they specifically activate ExamplePlugin plugin?
    • @tsteur noted an issue that if we disable the ExamplePlugin in an update file, it won't happen early enough during the update process and so the plugin dimensions will still be applied.

Reason the code was "removed" in the first place:

These files and tests were removed in 2.5.0 as otherwise the ExamplePlugin was creating new dimensions in log_visit, log_conversion etc. which would cause trouble to power users with large databases.

See also: #5806

@mattab commented on August 4th 2014 Member

follows up #5820

@tsteur commented on August 5th 2014 Member

We should imho find a solution before 2.5.0 release. I thought you want to remove it only for the first beta release. For instance Dimension and Report generator is broken now which is already documented in Getting started guides on developer.piwik.org.

@mattab commented on August 5th 2014 Member

@tsteur sounds even better before 2.5.0 but unfortunately I don't have time. Feel free to move it to 2.5.0 if you can find time for it!

This Issue was closed on August 6th 2014
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