@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on March 9th 2009

The title on the VisitsSummary::index() -page is not properly translated. In /plugings/VisitsSummary/Controller.php the function index() contains the following:

$currentPeriod = Piwik_Common::getRequestVar('period');
$view->period = $currentPeriod;

and the translation string in the template (VisitsSummary_Evolution) is:

'VisitsSummary_Evolution' => 'Evolution on the last 30 %ss',

This does not work for other languages than English because:
1) The $period is not translated
2) This assumes that plural version of the time period can be conjugated by just adding a letter

The period should be translated, and this means that actually new translation items must be added for day, month and year for this context.

@mattab commented on March 9th 2009 Member

fixed in [977]

This Issue was closed on March 9th 2009
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