@hpvd opened this Issue on August 2nd 2014

after updating from 2.4.1 to latest version from github from
evening 01.08.14
the following message could be found on lots of places:
Fatal error: Cannot use Piwik\Visualization\Config as Config because the name is already in use in /html/piwik/plugins/CoreVisualizations/Visualizations/HtmlTable/Goals.php on line 16

@sgiehl commented on August 3rd 2014 Member

Please remove the file plugins/CoreVisualizations/Visualizations/HtmlTable/Goals.php. That file was moved in d0cb3453ba
Maybe you need to clean other files aswell...

@hpvd commented on August 3rd 2014

perfect this solves it! thanks!

@mattab commented on August 10th 2014 Member

This problem will be properly fixed in: #5936

This Issue was closed on August 3rd 2014
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