@bglxx opened this Issue on August 1st 2014

The results in "Visitors / Locations & Provider" statistics are wrong for July. Older months are okay.

I have set a segment filter:
Country contains de
Country contains ch
Country contains at

to select the German speaking countries.

When I select "Visitors / Locations & Provider" without filtering, the country statistics are okay.

When I activate the segment filter, the county statistics are much to low. For example:
Without filter: 1379 visitors from Germany
With filter: 280 visitors from Germany

When I select the month June ore before, the statistics are okay.

Piwik Version is 2.4.1
PHP is 5.5.11
Mysql is MariaDB 5.5.37

@sgiehl commented on August 3rd 2014 Member

Which location provider are you using? Any GeoIP db or the Piwik built-in 'detection'?

@mattab commented on August 3rd 2014 Owner

@bglxx maybe you could post the screenshot of reports with and without segment?

@bglxx commented on August 4th 2014

@sgiehl I'm using GeoIP (Php)

@bglxx commented on August 4th 2014

@mattab I've made several tests and the wrong results are from July 3rd until July 28th. All data before and after is okay.

Enclosed you will find the pics from June (results are okay) with and without filter, and wrong data from July and the filter conditions.


@daincredibleholg commented on August 13th 2014

I've created the new issue #5998 with the content of this comment. Sorry for "hijacking".

@mattab commented on August 13th 2014 Owner

@daincredibleholg please don't hijack this bug report with your bug report! They could be un-related and it would be better to create a separate bug report. Would you mind?

@daincredibleholg commented on August 13th 2014

@mattab Sorry, hijacking was not in my mind. It really looks related, this is why I have added my details instead of opening a new bug. So, sorry for that. I will open a new one.

@mattab commented on August 13th 2014 Owner

@daincredibleholg no worries, thanks (please write somewhere in bug report this #5903 and it will automatically link both tickets together)

@bglxx commented on September 1st 2014

I have new information regarding this issue:

The problem with the wrong statistics data is again here in August, so it
seems not to be caused by damaged data.

For example: Selected date range Aug-01 until Aug-14

Without segmentation of the visitors the data shown at "Visitors /
Locations & Provider" is correct.

When I activate the segmentation (Visit Location Country contains "de") -
the data is also okay.

When I activate segmentation Country contains "de" or Country contains "ch"
or Country contains "at" - the displayed statistic is wrong.

Now I have changed the segmentation from "de - ch - at" to "at - ch - de"
and the displayed data is okay. Same with "de - at - ch", also okay.

@mattab commented on December 1st 2014 Owner

Hi @bglxx do you still experience the issue with Piwik 2.9.1?

@bglxx commented on December 1st 2014

Hi @mattab,

I'm using 2.9.1 and the problem is still there too.

Page is Visitors / Locations & Provider. The number of visits on the visitor map is okay, but the row "Country" shows wrong values depending on the filter. Values are either okay or too low.

When I change the order of countries in my filter, the results are changing. I've checked it for last week and for last month and the problem is the same. Here are the screen prints:

First pic is okay, second one is wrong.



Have a nice day.

@tsteur commented on February 5th 2015 Owner

Do you use the log importer or the normal Piwik JavaScript tracker?

Do you know if you have browser archiving enabled or do you archive via the CLI (php console core:archive)?

I tried to reproduce but couldn't. The only thing that would explain this to me would be a problem with archive invalidation or so. Meaning an archive was created at some point but not invalidated and not rearchived afterwards. That would explain why it works with a different order of the countries as they were not archived yet. Is it maybe possible to get access to your Piwik installation and also to your database? If so, can you send us the credentials to hello (at) piwik.org?

@bglxx commented on February 19th 2015

sorry for the late reply.
we use regular Piwik JavaScript tracker and there was no log import ever.

since now we have the default settings for piwik archiver (allow piwik archiving to trigger..." = yes)

do u need access to root level console or to the piwik website?

@mattab commented on April 7th 2015 Owner

Hi @bglxx can you still reproduce this issue with the latest Piwik stable version?

@bglxx commented on April 7th 2015

Hi @mattab
I've tried all known combinations that triggers the error before and now it works well.

My version is 2.12.1 and I suggest to close this bug. I will monitor it in future if this prob is coming back.

This Issue was closed on April 7th 2015
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