@tschikarski opened this Issue on July 22nd 2014

Daily Scheduled Reports are sent about one hour later than specified in the report settings.

Version: Piwik 2.4.1
Server timezone: Europe/Berlin
Website timezone: Europe/Berlin
Email report schedule: Daily
Send hour: 12

E-Mail is sent at 13:05 local time or 11:05 UTC. Remark: At present it is summer time, therefore, Europe/Berlin is CEST = UTC+2

@halfdan commented on July 22nd 2014 Member

Hi @tschikarski
Can you tell us the timezone on your server and whether it matches the one set in Piwik?

@tschikarski commented on July 22nd 2014

Hi @halfdan,

Sure! The server timezone is Europe/Berlin, too. All the same for the website in Piwik.

@tsteur commented on July 23rd 2014 Member

This looks like a daylight saving issue indeed. From what I have seen it is not that easy to fix especially since the logic for this is in the core Date class where we have to be careful :) Interesting could be the timezone_transitions_get method: http://us2.php.net/manual/en/datetimezone.gettransitions.php

I'd suggest to have a look at this together when we are in Munich or Poland? cc @mattab

@mattab commented on December 18th 2014 Member

Maybe related to #6868

@mattab commented on April 8th 2015 Member

it's a very old issue, I' closing. If anyone still experience this bug, please open a new issue

This Issue was closed on April 8th 2015
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