@JonasWilms opened this Issue on July 21st 2014

Website piwik.org

Whole PHP-Documentation
linked under http://developer.piwik.org/api-reference is not available

@halfdan commented on July 22nd 2014 Member

@mattab I can confirm this - needs to be fixed.
@JonasWilms Thanks for reporting this - I am closing the issue as this is not an issue with piwik itself.

@mattab commented on July 22nd 2014 Member

@tsteur this issue has happened few times in the past, maybe there is a way to solve it and prevent this occuring again?

@tsteur commented on July 22nd 2014 Member

We cannot really solve it as there are sometimes parse errors in our code and it'll just fail. I think it happened three times or so. If something like this happens in the future it should leave the documentation untouched but the documentation will be also not updated. We should get an email if the generation fails but we will get this email whenever it fails. Meaning if it fails for 24hours we will get an email 144 times (every 10 minutes)! The script is on docs host in plugins-api-doc-generator/generateAndPushAndEmail.sh. So if you notice it, just comment the sending mails part until it is fixed or better: Have a look at the log mentioned there and fix it :)

This Issue was closed on July 22nd 2014
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