@ThaDafinser opened this Issue on July 18th 2014 Contributor

I think it would be really usefull like for all other applications, what parts of piwik are used.
So why not integrate the piwik tracker inside piwik (configurable)?

The user can then decide during the installation or with a config option, if he wants to send the usage data from piwik to improve the development

The tracking server should be central and hosted by Piwik.

Useful data:

  • overview of installed piwik servers
  • what parts are used (sites / widgets / ...)
  • ...
@halfdan commented on July 22nd 2014 Member
@ThaDafinser commented on July 22nd 2014 Contributor

@halfdan this is for me personally, but not usefull for the piwik community.

Doesnt a piwik developer would like to know how the piwik in the wild is used really?

@tsteur commented on July 22nd 2014 Member

@ThaDafinser I'm closing it as duplicate. See #1050 and #4589

FYI: We were talking about this recently a few times. We definitely want to do this and it'll opt-in. Either as a setting during installation and in the admin, or as a separate plugin on the Marketplace or something else. For me it doesn't have a very high priority as it will be opt-in and I'm not sure how meaningful the stats will be because of this. For instance settings statistics like 'Browser', or the number of sites managed by a Piwik instance etc. That's the only reason I haven't done it yet but will do for sure as it is essentials to make better decisions (if enough people have enabled it).

This Issue was closed on July 22nd 2014
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