@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on July 19th 2008

Piwik could integrate an "open source feedburner" that would be a proxy between the original feed URL and the visitor. This proxy could then track data about visitors, what articles are clicked on, etc.

Building such a set of features is not easy, as the code has to deal with lots of edge cases in feed parsing (lots of rss/atom feeds are missing fields, incorrectly formatted, etc.).

We could

  • At first provide only the number of subscribers, by parsing the http fields which contain the count of subscribers for each caller
  • Later in V2, enhance the code to also parse the feeds and track clicks on links.
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@mattab commented on October 24th 2012 Member

News: since feedburner is dead, Piwik could step up as the Open Source Feedburner!

We could get inspiration from this code: https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-feed-statistics/screenshots/

@mattab commented on October 2nd 2014 Member

Feed Analytics

  • Measure which links are most clicked in the feed content
    • tag links with campaign parameters:
    • add params to article title link,
    • add params to article content URLs
      • only edit URLs that point to known aliases URLs and/or the URL of the hostname generating the feed
      • (do not modify other URLs to keep links clean in feed content)
  • Measure how many times articles are viewed by a human in a feed reader
    • append to the feed article content text an image tracker tag to track in Piwik when an article is read in feed reader
    • Let user disable this post view tracking feature
  • Measure how many people are subscribed to the Feed
  • How to add RSS feed tracking
    • we need to build server side code that will parse a Feed and add all necessary information.
    • this code / library will need to be used on the server side when generating the RSS feed
    • to edit article URL and add campaign parameters,
    • to add an image beacon in each article to count number of views for each post,
    • to edit links in the feed content and add campaign tracking parameters
    • send a tracking request each time the feed is viewed
    • we could ask WP-Piwik to improve the Wordpress plugin and automatically add piwik tracking code to Wordpress feeds
    • similarly other CMS plugins could be improved to add feed tracking capabilities
@LiberMortis commented on January 20th 2018

Someone could reverse engineer the extended feed script for Wordpress - https://github.com/WPPlugins/wordpress-feed-statistics
and integrate that into the code. I'd do it, but I just don't have the time... :|

@hermann77 commented on June 11th 2022

Any ideas or changes in this issue?
Maybe we can start small: just read 'subscribers'/'reader' value for a predefined RSS-Feed from User-Agent of the http-requests and save it as 'Custom Variable' in Matomo?

By the way: do we have a possibility to read the complete 'User Agent' like the web-server do? Or does Matomo only get predefined parts (like OS, Browser etc.)?

@sgiehl commented on June 13th 2022 Member

@hermann77 Matomo uses https://github.com/matomo-org/device-detector to parse the useragent. But the useragent isn't stored in the database.

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