@mattab opened this Issue on July 6th 2008 Member

The homepage of the admin user interface would be a dashboard, with the following widgets:

  • "You have X websites and Y users registered in Piwik. You are using Piwik A.B version."
  • "You are using the latest Piwik version." "The latest Piwik version is A.B. Update now!"
  • "Register to the security newsletter."
  • "Featured user" that randomly picks a use case from our use case base.
  • "Piwik has been downloaded N times."

Technical notes:

  • content loaded from piwik.org via highly cached proxy pages
  • if piwik.org is down, should not affect loading time of dashboard
  • have one widget for general purpose content (Piwik has been downloaded X times)
@mattab commented on October 10th 2008 Member

see #5700

This Issue was closed on October 10th 2008
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