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i18n is the result of the great work of several people:

  • mauser implementing i18n in Piwik.
  • Noah managing all the translators & reviewers
  • all the translators (more than 50 contributors!!)

We still have some work to make it perfect

  • review the english strings
    We haven't really done a proper review of the existing english translation on which every new translation is based. Some texts are not clear, too verbose, or not verbose enough.
  • date translations
    Currently we rely on system dates, but it seems some php installation don't have the right locale installed, therefore visitors see the date in the wrong language. Do we really set the right language for php to pick up the date?
  • graph translations (see related ticket #84)
    it seems the graph API is not stable yet, maybe we can wait to have a more stable API / features set to think about it

Please, if you have any other point you want to be fixed concerning i18n, post a comment

@mattab commented on June 9th 2008 Member

(In [518]) - adding 7 new translations: german, spanish, italian, russian, ukranian, catalan, dutch

  • translations fallback to english by default (customizable in config file)
  • adding a few strings that weren't translatable before
  • 'translationAvailable' plugin information entry is now optional (defaults to false)
    refs #5671
@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 14th 2008

Many translators have said they lose translations when they hit the backspace key. If your cursor is not inside a text box and you hit the backspace key, you may lose some of your work. Please remember to use the Save button frequently and only use backspace within a text box.
I have heard a couple of people have not been able to use this plugin because it does not show up on their console. Please ensure you have enabled this plugin from the Admin page and then look at the top of the page for the translations tab.

@mattab commented on April 16th 2009 Member

"column label translations" done

@mattab commented on May 18th 2009 Member

moved sub task: right to left language support into its own ticket: Support Right To Left languages in Piwik translations i18n effort #733

This Issue was closed on March 13th 2011
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