@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on May 10th 2008

keep track of historic events per unique visitor.

  • initial search phrase used to find you site
  • most recent newsletter / partner / campaign responded to
  • goal conversions
  • perhaps a few custom fields which an ebusiness can use to identify buyers while an informational website can use it to store the visitor's specific interest
    this kind of information can be very useful for, for instance, segmenting your audience, search phrase / key word performancetricky bit will probably be making sure that the correct record is mapped to the correct visitor
@mattab commented on May 29th 2008 Member

All this data is available in the piwik_log_visit (some help on the wiki)table already, so this could be as simple as reading the data and displaying it properly.

The hard bit would be to make it scalable: easy to do segmentation on a few hundreds visits, but how does it work on hundreds of thousands visits?

@mattab commented on October 10th 2008 Member

see #5478

@mattab commented on March 2nd 2009 Member

marked as duplicate of #44 as this plugin could be extended to provide this data

This Issue was closed on August 14th 2009
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