@mattab opened this Issue on February 17th 2009 Member

The Actions > Pages report is most of the time based on URLs. When the user specifies a piwik_action_name, the report is based on this custom action name; Hopefully when #530 is implemented, users would only customize this new report "Actions by title" and the current "Actions by URL" report would only contain URL structures that map to real pages.

In this case it would be possible to link each entry to the real page. Piwik users need to have this easy access to their pages to visualize what "index.php?id=2" refers to.

See also:

  • #41 : piwik users have an easy way to keep URLs clean.
  • #530
    • we also have to make sure URLs cannot be overridden or "faked" (appart from excluding url parameters, or if the user specifically override it in the JS using piwik.setUrl)
@hansfn commented on August 14th 2009

Is there a patch/work-around for this problem lying somewhere on the mailing list - it's more important to me to get the links now than waiting for #530 to be resolved. The missing links is a real usability nightmare.

@mattab commented on October 23rd 2009 Member

I really want this done now that #708 is nearly fixed, this should be as easy as hacking around the datatable template/js object. I am not sure on how to make this look nice, but a simple click-to-url icon before the string (like the icon for subtables) might be enough.

@mattab commented on May 12th 2010 Member

Fixed in [2169].

This Issue was closed on May 12th 2010
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