@mattab opened this Issue on February 17th 2009 Member

In the dashboard, currently the icons to show the "goal table" and the "advanced table" are shown; however when clicked, the table tries to display 5+ columns but there is not enough space, hence dashboard looks bad.

  • disable icon for "advanced" and "goal" view in dashboard
  • make sure all core widgets only have two columns. For example, the Actions widget should only show two columns; it currently shows "label, pageviews, unique pageviews" but could be "label, pageviews"

Optional: a link "view full report" could be displayed at the bottom of the widget, the link would open in ajax the report containing this widget; this requires:

  • widget to know which report they appear on
  • set the anchor the right widget in the report, in case the widget appears below the fold
@robocoder commented on April 10th 2009 Contributor

A similar visual problem (from #649) can be created when the user increases the text size in the browser.

@sgiehl commented on August 10th 2010 Member

What about showing this "oversized" widgets in a dialog with full size?
This dialog could be opened on doubleclick (or with a new fullsize-icon or so).

Here a small example how this could be done with a litte jquery code:

$('.col div.sortable').bind('dblclick', function(){
    var mydialog = $(this);
    mydialog.before('<div id="placeholder"> </div>');
        title: '',
        bgiframe: true,
        modal: true,
        width: 'auto',
        position: ['center', 'center'],
        resizable: true,
        autoOpen: true,
        close: function(event, ui) {

(just execute in firebug to test)

@mattab commented on August 14th 2010 Member

Your proposal is interesting! Maybe we could add a 'full screen' icon next to the close icon in the widget header bar to open this view? this would be a good compromise. thoughts?

@sgiehl commented on August 29th 2010 Member

Ok... I'm nearly done with this task, but I need the icon to finish it. Matt, could you attach or send me an icon I can use. thx

@mattab commented on August 30th 2010 Member

ouch sorry I don't have this in hand, can you make up something very light (like the close button) based on the full screen icon used in country map? if you need help with this, please send me an email :)

@sgiehl commented on September 3rd 2010 Member

(In [3043]) refs #555 added icon to open widgets in a dialog
icon might not be the best one, if anyone got a better one, please replace

@sgiehl commented on September 3rd 2010 Member

(In [3044]) refs #555 added icon title to language

@mattab commented on November 25th 2010 Member

This is a really cool new UI improvements!! Very nice. Seeing tables with too many columns was always an issue, there is now a good solution for it.

I reopened because I have found a few (non critical) bugs with it, and some feedback

  • When looking at the Live! plugin, click on Visitor Log. The page loads correctly in the background, but it should close the maximised widget as well.
  • when widget maximised, maybe remove the "drag" cursor on the widget title (and restore when widget back in dashboard)
  • a click outside the maximised widget, on the grey background, should close the widget
  • Bug in Internet explorer 8:
    • In the Live! widget, the link 'View detailed visitor log' doesn't work (ie. it doesn't load in the background like it does with FF)
    • Export as image doesn't work
    • Also exporting data in other formats trigger JS errors

Unexpected call to method or property access.
Line: 73
Char: 24
Code: 0

On a different note, it would be nice to disable the truncation in long labels when in maximised view, but that might be too tricky... we should really review truncation all together, but Anthon investigated and it seemed difficult.

@mattab commented on November 25th 2010 Member

(In [3346]) Small modif to the icon Refs #555

@sgiehl commented on November 25th 2010 Member

Thanks for the review. I will have a look at that within the next view days...

@mattab commented on January 15th 2011 Member

SteveG, did you have a chance to look at the bugs?

I think only 2 things are important: close the popover on click outside the box, and close the popover when click on broadcast.propage\ - thoughts?

@sgiehl commented on January 15th 2011 Member

I already took at look at tihs. It isn't as easy as I thought. I will try to fix that as soon as possible, but currently I'm busy with another project, which will take some more time.

@mattab commented on February 17th 2011 Member

I think it's fine like this :) good stuff!

This Issue was closed on February 17th 2011
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