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At present, Piwik assumes the browser language is a two letter code, following the limitation of the HTTP/1.1 spec which refers to the alpha-2 codes from ISO 639.

We should handle locale specific translations. (Also, we should keep in mind that alpha-3 codes are potentially valid.)

For example, lang/tw.php is currently misnamed ... "tw" is allocated to the Twi language, not Taiwanese. This should be renamed to lang/zh-TW.php (or lang/zh_tw.php or similar). Thus, lang/zh.php might be a "generic", Traditional Chinese translation, while lang/zh-CN.php might be a Simplified Chinese translation.

@robocoder commented on February 12th 2009 Contributor
@robocoder commented on February 14th 2009 Contributor

Consolidate in #504.

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