@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on February 11th 2009

With the new updated piwik.js it seems as if it is much harder to be able to change the class for which it tracks as download/outlink/etc

for ex.

old piwik.js had

if( source.className == "piwik_download" )
_pk_link_type = 'download';

and thus making it easier to change the class name to be linked to download tracking as I would change "piwik_download" to "myDownloadclass" etc as I had a standard class format for certain links that I wanted to track as download:

var _pkclass = new RegExp('(?:^| )piwik(download|link)(?: |$)');
var _pk_download = new RegExp('.(' + _pk_download_extensions + ')$', 'i');

''if (_pk_link_type == 'link')
_pk_not_site_hostname = 1;
else if (!_pk_link_type)
_pk_link_type = (_pk_download.test(source.href) ? 'download' : 'link');''

Now with how the structure changed looks like I need to add a new statement to declare _pk_class to "myDownloadClass".

Not sure if this was easy to understand and its not a bug fix but maybe an enhancement for future release where the user can either change the piwik download/link tracking with either changing in the .js or the standard adding piwik_download class to the website itself.

Maybe set the default of choosing the class to "piwik_download" so for users that don't modify the .js it will not affect them.

As of now I am running my old piwik.js with 0.2.29 and all is working well still but once there are updates to the .js maybe this could be added as a new feature


@robocoder commented on February 11th 2009 Contributor

Restated (correct me if I'm off track):

  • Add the ability to set the download/outlink tracking class (overriding piwik_download/piwik_link).
@robocoder commented on May 28th 2009 Contributor

(In [1151]) fixes #5775 - OO version of piwik.js which no longer modifies DOM;
remove misc/testJavascripTracker (interactive tests);
add tests/javascript (QUnit unit tests);
fixes #661 - use click event instead of mousedown;
fixes #549 - define your own download/outlink tracking classes;
fixes #5502 - add hook interface for module

This Issue was closed on August 4th 2009
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