@mattab opened this Issue on January 4th 2008 Owner

When user lost their password they should have the ability to receive it by email.

@zawadzinski commented on April 22nd 2008 Contributor


@zawadzinski commented on April 9th 2008 Contributor

Working on this.

@mattab commented on April 17th 2008 Owner

(In [mauser)- refs #5482 commited huge work by Maciej Zawadzi?\197?\132ski: thanks! still some work to do + QA but looks really good :)
[mauser]- refs #5536 commited partial fix
[mauser]- refs #5485 commited partial fix

  • fixed broken tests
@mattab commented on April 17th 2008 Owner


  • I think you didn't test the code when input the email, i fixed a bug there
  • An exception is thrown on my box:
Warning: mail() [function.mail]: "sendmail_from" not set in php.ini or custom "From:" header missing in F:\piwik\svn-dev\trunk\libs\Zend\Mail\Transport\Sendmail.php on line 91``` need to check for that and if it doesn't work then point the user to a FAQ that explains how to change the password manually
* there is copied pasted code in the templates, it should be refactored so that all Login templates use the same structure (we should never reuse code when refactoring is possible)
* good job :)
@zawadzinski commented on April 22nd 2008 Contributor
  • check if email was sent
  • code is no longer duplicated in templaes
@mattab commented on April 24th 2008 Owner

(In [mauser) - fixes #5536, font consistent, escape key now works
[mauser] - fixes #5485, now catching error, printing friendly message, refactoring template code
[mauser] - fixes #5482, fixing JS translations api, Piwik is now ready to be translated!!! :)

This Issue was closed on July 23rd 2008
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