@mattab opened this Issue on January 3rd 2008 Owner

Display the latest new search terms used by visitors to reach the website along with the date and the page linked to.
Keywords: third-party-plugin

@BeezyT commented on September 1st 2010 Member

I wrote a little plugin, that takes care of both #47 (latest links) and #48 (latest searches). It's called latest referrers.

The data is queried from the db on the fly, since archiving of the latest referrers doesn't make much sense...

You can download the plugin on github:


Feedback of any kind is very welcome!

@sgiehl commented on September 1st 2010 Member

I just took a small look on your plugin. The way how you select the latest search terms seems not to be exact. You are grouping by referer_name, keyword and visit_entry_idaction_url - I would see the latest search terms independent from referer and/or target. A search term simply is new if it wasn't used before.

@BeezyT commented on September 2nd 2010 Member

You're right, I guess I went from "latest searches" to "latest new searches" too quickly...

I group by all the values for "latest searches", because if somebody come to a website trough google/foo and yahoo/foo, i want to see both in "latest searches".

The example above is also interesting for "latest new searches". At the moment neither of the searches will show up, because the check for new searches is, whether the group has count 1, in the example it has count 2. An alternative would be selecting "where not exists (select ... where a.idaction < b.idaction)": that would give us the first occurences of a searchterm, but it would be quite a performance hog. What do you think? Is this little inaccuracy worth the performance?

(The update and a german translation are available on github)

@mattab commented on December 4th 2010 Owner

EZdesign, is the plugin working fine in Piwik 1.0?

If yes, I will move it to 'third party plugins' so that more users could find it. Thanks

@BeezyT commented on December 8th 2010 Member

Yes, there are no issues I know of.

If there will be some in the future, you will be able to find them on github:


@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Owner

Along with the Piwik 2.0 release and new design for Piwik, we have also launched the official Plugins Marketplace to let any developer share their work to the thousands of Piwik users worldwide.

Maybe you'd like to publish your plugin there?

In any case, keep up the good work and we hope you enjoy Piwik 2!

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