@mattab opened this Issue on January 3rd 2008 Member

This plugins is heavily requested by the community (http://feedback.phpmyvisites.net/feedbacks/3135-external-link-clicks-statistics).

  • Outlink tracking
    • activation requires a flag in the javascript file + optional list of host alias for each site ID (so we don't save clicks on internal Urls)
    • detects automatically the external links via some JS magic and record these clicks
    • display the list of out clicks as actions in the piwik interface
  • Download tracking
    • activation requires a flag in the JS file
    • detects automatically the clicks on files (given a list of extensions in the JS file : zip, exe, doc, pdf, etc. )
    • display the list of downloads as actions in the piwik interface
@zawadzinski commented on March 14th 2008 Contributor

Attachment: latest piwik patch

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on January 15th 2008

I believe Download Tracking should be implemented server side. If outbound link tracking is enabled then you can process the URLs later for file extensions or custom mask,s such as '/download.php?file_id='.

I believe I can have a prototype for outbound link tracking early in February.

@mattab commented on February 18th 2008 Member

Eli-D we want to add this feature on client side using automatic javascript link tracking.

@mattab commented on March 11th 2008 Member

(In [361]) - deleting useless zend lib

  • fix redirect bug in download/outlink tracking refs #5460
@mattab commented on March 12th 2008 Member

(In [366]) - refs #5460: removed slash at the beginning of URL. Changed table output now output to datatable instead of dataTable_actions and also includes link to outlink

@zawadzinski commented on March 14th 2008 Contributor

patch submitted:

changed piwik.js so you can override/define in javascript code:

piwik_install_tracker = 1 | 0
piwik_tracker_pause = (time in ms)
piwik_download_extensions = "jpg|png ... ";
piwik_hosts_alias = [ "hostname1.com", "hostname2.com", ... ];
(window.location is added to this array)

you can specify link classes:

piwik_ignore - do not track this link
piwik_download - this link is download
piwik_link - this link is outlink (even if it is from this host/host aliases)

and solved the bug with:

  • relative URLs
  • tracking image links

(patch attached)

@mattab commented on March 14th 2008 Member

(In [371]) - refs #5460 updated test cases, updated function to test if an url looks like an URL in order to support ftp:// news:// etc.

@mattab commented on March 14th 2008 Member

(In [374]) - refs #5460 one more test

@mattab commented on March 14th 2008 Member

(In [375]) - refs #5460 added test with link text being image

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 18th 2008

(In [386]) Commited some very good patch by Maciej Zawadzi?\197?\132ski :
-fix #5526, #112 : Admin index and menu
-fix #5508 : nice login screen
-fix #5525 : nice plugin admin management,
-fix #5460 : outlink/download tracking, solves bugs and adds some options

+Some code cleanup regarding new coding standard

@mattab commented on March 28th 2008 Member

(In [423]) - changed default timeout to 500 refs #5460

  • fix #5583 and added new test case
  • added new configuration value Default date to load in piwik interface
This Issue was closed on July 30th 2009
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