@quba opened this Issue on June 30th 2014 Contributor

I wonder if it could be possible to archive one specified plug-in.

Example scenario, when such feature would be useful:
-running high-traffic instance using Piwik,
-install new plug-in that is using daily archiving,
-archive all historical data.

Currently it's only possible by dropping archives for all plug-ins. It's an overkill in most cases.
Keywords: archiving

@mattab commented on August 4th 2014 Member
  • maybe a new parameter --archive-plugins to core:archive to specify which plugins we should restrict archiving for.
@mattab commented on November 13th 2014 Member

@quba is this still high priority issue?

@quba commented on November 13th 2014 Contributor

It isn't that important. It is a "good to have" feature but not a "must have".

@mattab commented on August 25th 2017 Member
This Issue was closed on August 25th 2017
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