@mattab opened this Issue on June 26th 2014 Member

The new feature to store preferences for reports implemented in #1915 is a wonderful feature! This ticket is about making this feature available to all of the user interface.

In particular there is only one place left where this feature does apply yet: the "Left Columns Report List" that is used in the bottom of the Ecommerce overview, and Goal Overview reports.


  • Remember which report was last clicked,
    • eg. Display my last used "Product name" rather than default "Product SKU"
  • Save and restore settings for this sub-report,
    • eg. in "Product name", click on column "Quantity". Then load another report "Product SKU". Then click back Product name, Expected: sorted column is "Quantity" (in 2.4.0 got "Product revenue").
@tsteur commented on July 21st 2014 Member

FYI: See https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/1915#issuecomment-48302008 similar for #3807.

It probably can be done but loads of work (multiple days probably as it is not a JS DataTable)

@mattab commented on September 22nd 2014 Member

Now that Events reports #472 also show Pivoted tables #6243 in all Events reports cog icons #6078 the UI pattern of "Reports listed on the left" is used more and more.

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