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Publishing a good changelog is very important for an open source project like Piwik. You can find online our changelogs for our past 64 releases. As long as we've been using trac, when writing the changelog, I've been using this page to generate the list of tickets closed since last release.

Now that we are migrating to use Github issues in #5273 (NICE!) we can use this opportunity to generate an even better changelog for Piwik releases.

The goals of this ticket are:

  • let Piwik release manager easily generate changelog
  • better credit all humans who have participated in Piwik issues and release (by quoting their name and linking to github profiles)


  • Create a web page
  • Input: a datetime
  • Output:
    • a list of issues that were closed since this date time
    • for each issue, display:
    • the issue #number
    • the issue name
    • the list of people who have contributed code in this issue

For example a changelog entry for an issue would look like:

 <a href='/1486'>#1486</a> New plugin: define Custom Alerts and receive email when triggered [<a class='mention' href='https://github.com/tsteur'>@tsteur</a> and <a class='mention' href='https://github.com/mattab'>@mattab</a>](by) ```

**How it will be used?**

When generating a new release, Piwik release manager will go to this page, input the date, and then will copy paste the generated changelog in the blog post to be published ([such as this one](https://piwik.org/changelog/piwik-2-3-0/)). 

Do you have some thoughts? 
@tsteur commented on July 9th 2014 Member

Published a first version here: https://github.com/piwik/github-changelog-generator

It runs entirely in the browser! It's a bit hard to test right after the migration from Trac so there might be some issues. It detects people who have contributed code but cannot guarantee it works for 100%. We'll have to see!

@mattab commented on July 9th 2014 Member

I've tested it quickly to try generate changelog for 2.4.1. Nice!


  • we need as well a list of labels that when the ticket has any of these label then it will not show in the changelog. For example for piwik/piwik repository such labels would be R: wontfix and R: duplicate R: answered and R: invalid.
@mattab commented on July 11th 2014 Member

Nice work. Maybe we can write blog post about this open source project. Let's discuss in Munich!

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