@peterbo opened this Issue on June 5th 2014 Contributor

When the segmenteditor is used, some select values are very technical / non user-friendly. These Values should be mapped / labeled to make them more meaningful.

For example this would make sense for:

  • Browser - expects values like (FF, IE, MF, CM, IW, etc.) - This should be more readable (Firefox, Internet Explorer,??,??,??)
  • Visit Location (Continent, Country)
  • Operating system
  • possibly others where it makes sense
@mattab commented on June 7th 2014 Member

Thanks for the request. setting to Core because it's core plugin.

it would be great usability improvement indeed!

@hpvd commented on September 14th 2017

uuuh this is still open (for mor than 3years), major flag seems not to help at all...
It's strongly related to

  • Improve geographical segmentations #11261
@tsteur commented on September 14th 2017 Member

FYI: This will be easier to implement with https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/12040 since we will then have all the information on how to render a value eg for country "nz".

@hpvd commented on September 14th 2017

wow that looks pretty awesome.
Many thanks for working on this!

@mattab commented on October 21st 2019 Member

is this issue now fixed maybe @sgiehl ?

@sgiehl commented on October 21st 2019 Member

@mattab not sure if there are some segments missing where it would make sense to have readable names as well. But it's implemented for browsers, operating system and country segments. For those there is now the code segment and a new name segment.
Guess we can close the issue and create a new one if someone sees a segment where readable value would be usable?

@tsteur commented on October 21st 2019 Member


This Issue was closed on October 21st 2019
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