@peterbo opened this Issue on June 5th 2014 Contributor

When the segmenteditor is used, some select values are very technical / non user-friendly. These Values should be mapped / labeled to make them more meaningful.

For example this would make sense for:

  • Browser - expects values like (FF, IE, MF, CM, IW, etc.) - This should be more readable (Firefox, Internet Explorer,??,??,??)
  • Visit Location (Continent, Country)
  • Operating system
  • possibly others where it makes sense
@mattab commented on June 7th 2014 Owner

Thanks for the request. setting to Core because it's core plugin.

it would be great usability improvement indeed!

@hpvd commented on September 14th 2017

uuuh this is still open (for mor than 3years), major flag seems not to help at all...
It's strongly related to

  • Improve geographical segmentations #11261
@tsteur commented on September 14th 2017 Owner

FYI: This will be easier to implement with https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/12040 since we will then have all the information on how to render a value eg for country "nz".

@hpvd commented on September 14th 2017

wow that looks pretty awesome.
Many thanks for working on this!

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