@mattab opened this Issue on May 30th 2014 Member

Since #57 we process in Metadata Reports, a new <reportTotal>

For example in this metadata api output


For Actions.getPageUrl here is the total (source code):


The goal of this issue is to:

  • Check/ensure that the <reportTotal> includes the total for all columns that can be summed
  • Add a new Cog icon option to show the Report Total in a new row in the report
  • By default we don't enable it currently, but we may enable it in the future

Feel free to add your feedback as a comment here!

@rivadav commented on September 25th 2014

+1 for disabling it by default
+1 for putting it into settings under Cog icon

Perhaps we can also make it a global setting in Settings/Manage/User settings for users convenience.

Another idea - after turning totals on for the first time for specific widget, we can ask user if he wants to display it for all tables (and where to disable it if he changes his mind).

What do you think?

@mattab commented on September 26th 2014 Member

@rivadav Good ideas and suggestions! I moved ticket to Short term.

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