@mattab opened this Issue on May 27th 2014 Member

The goal of this ticket is to discuss possible improvement to the Data Insights feature in Piwik which was developed in #57.

The Insights feature currently includes:

  • 'Movers and Shakers' widget lists items that increased or decreased the most (see screenshot)
  • 'Insights Overview' widget gives you insight into what is most important in each of Pages, Downloads, Countries, etc. (see screenshot)
  • On each report you can click the "Insights" icon (light bulb) to access a summary of Insights for this report. (see screenshots)

We would like to make this feature even better and more useful. For this we need your feedback! Please leave us your suggestions, ideas, in this ticket.

@hpvd commented on May 27th 2014
@hpvd commented on May 27th 2014
@hpvd commented on May 27th 2014

one idea may be to expand this great mover and shaker function to show not only movers and shakers for pages but also for:

  • goals
  • events
@hpvd commented on May 27th 2014

as already noted on other places (e.g. #4789), a better alignment of the numbers would help also in this widget to get informations more easy/faster:

  • always same number of places after the comma
  • right-aligned


@hpvd commented on May 27th 2014

There seem to be some open points regarding german (and other?) translations in the widget...

since this is not a strategic point I have moved it with more details to a separate ticket:

@mattab commented on September 9th 2014 Member

An example insight: comparison of goal conversion rate to site average for a particular Client version:


@wikiloops commented on November 9th 2014

please also see #6600

@niklasternstedt commented on September 28th 2022

Hi @mattab , I'm wondering how big of change has to occur for the change to be viewed in the report movers and shakers?

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