@mattab opened this Issue on May 26th 2014 Owner

While introducing the ZenMode to Piwik in #4987 we have also started defining Keyboard shortcuts to make using Piwik app easier.

The goal of this ticket is to identify which actions could be available as shortcut, and which key to use for them.

Please comment with your suggestions and feedback!

@tsteur commented on May 26th 2014 Owner
  • It is not "Exit Zen mode" it is "Zen mode toggle". "e" is probably somewhere else way more useful. Would prefer "z" for Zen mode
  • Arrow keys left and right to go "prev" and "next" in data tables, visitor log, ... If there are multiple data tables on one page it depends on which table is hovered
  • In Zen mode there is a quick access menu which is also useful in normal mode. The quick access menu would display eg in the centre and one can directly enter / search for any report / website / menu item / (+ plugin items eg you could see directly values of a metric for the current page when searching for "visits" without having to change page etc). Similar to applications like HUD on Ubuntu, Alfred on Mac, ... On Mac "alt+space" and "command+space" is used for such a search, on Ubuntu I think it is only "alt", on Github it is just a "s" for "Search" which I prefer. --> Would prefer "s" for Search. "f" or "/" is probably rather unknown by non-technical people
@mattab commented on October 8th 2015 Owner

Zen Mode was just removed completely from Piwik.

Also the new awesome search bar was added: it can be opened by pressing f

New simple shortcuts could be added for an even better user experience:

  • s to open segment selector
  • w to open website selector
  • d to open calendar (d stands for date)
  • ? to display the list of shortcuts
@mattab commented on January 22nd 2017 Owner

Current shortcuts in Piwik (new ones recently added in #11235):

  • z for Zen mode (Zen mode was added back into Piwik 3)
  • s to open Segment selector
  • w to open Website selector
  • d to open calendar (d stands for Date)
  • f to open the search (f stands for Find)
@mattab commented on January 22nd 2017 Owner

The next step before closing this issue IMO would be:

  • pressing ? key would display a help screen displaying the list of shortcuts (like in Gmail, Trello, etc.)
This Issue was closed on November 30th 2017
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