@mattab opened this Issue on May 23rd 2014 Member

By default all Piwik users can view the Piwik blog on their dashboard. This is a great feature that lets all users stay in touch.

Feedburner.com is a web service that is practical, but is now owned by Google. It would be nice if we moved away from hosting our Piwik blog feed on Feedburner.

Suggested tasks

  • Change blog feed URL to piwik.org/blog/feed/
  • introduce server side caching of the feed in all piwik servers to minimise server load
@mattab commented on May 23rd 2014 Member

This was reported in http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,115768 that feedburner is behind the infamous "wall" and so cant be seen by our chinese user community so far.

This Issue was closed on January 22nd 2019
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