@zawadzinski opened this Issue on May 19th 2014 Contributor

Right now the dropdown "Rows to displays" on is limited to 500 rows.
When you set higher limits in config file (i.e. 2000 rows), you don't have a way to display them in the interface.

Let's make this configurable - i.e. let user to define the list of limits in the config file, i.e.:

widget_rows_to_display = "5,10,25,50,100,250,500"

will be the default value.

@mattab commented on May 20th 2014 Member

In 03b22ecb79a834d17e98acccc1c4e3649757d338: Fixes #5188 New config setting datatable_row_limits = "5,10,25,50,100,250,500"

@gaumondp commented on May 20th 2014

Should I open another ticket so evolutionLimits get the same treatment?

Edit: New Ticket #5206

Use case: Showing 1 month, 7 days (or 1 week) all seems like interesting values to add to "Evolution over period" graphs.


This Issue was closed on May 26th 2014
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