@zssoftware opened this Issue on May 9th 2014

When creating a custom segment, it would be helpful to implement the ability to set that as the loaded-on-default segment.
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@gaumondp commented on May 9th 2014


Should this feature be only available if the segment is also "cron generated" ?

If not, on installation with 50k pageviews a day, Piwik will have to work a lot before showing any data.

I'm just wondering.


@zssoftware commented on May 12th 2014

Good thinking!

Cron generated.

@mattab commented on May 13th 2014 Member

Great idea!

I think this could be done in a plugin:

  • New setting to choose which segment to load by default
  • When Piwik is loaded, the plugin could automatically redirect to the segment to load by default, if one was set by the user.
@mattab commented on October 30th 2015 Member

from email:

This feature is great but please allow us to set up a default segment for each websites and/or
that the UI remember the previous one when we switch from one website to another.

anyway your product is really good. I use it for a few years and it becomes better and better after each updates. Thank you!

@NanorPiwik commented on August 1st 2019

Hi there,
I recently got a demand about it recently. The need is the following one, the Matomo account is shared between an agency and a client. The internal traffic of the agency is going within the account which is increasing artificially the visits. As the account is in a cloud they cannot install the invalidate reports plugin to delete their traffic. So they need a segment applied by default which will remove their traffic.

@sgiehl commented on August 1st 2019 Member

@NanorPiwik if the agency has a static IP address, you could als exclude the traffic using an ip exclusion

@tsteur commented on August 1st 2019 Member

Wouldn't the cookie exclusion work as well?

@sgiehl commented on August 1st 2019 Member

Wouldn't the cookie exclusion work as well?

But that's something everyone needs to do on his machine in every browser (and do it again after clearing cookies)

@Jieiku commented on April 8th 2022

I was also hoping for a way to set a default segment.

I am logging all traffic (including robots) it is useful when trying to see how often things are happening, etc.

I have a segment that is fairly effective at removing bots and my traffic, it looks like this:

Browser > Is not > Unknown
Operating system > is not > Uknown
Visitor IP > Not Equals > (My IP that I want to exclude)
Visitor IP > Not Equals > (My other IP that I want to exclude)

Currently I use a bookmark to open straight to this segment, but it would be great if I could just set it as the default.

@goochj03 commented on December 14th 2022

fyi had a request from a customer for this feature today.

"I would like to filter visits from this segment : segment=operatingSystemName!%3DGNU%25252FLinux;resolution!%3D1280x1024 Or, if it's not possible, how can I select this segment as default view ?"

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