@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on May 8th 2014

Since 2.2.1 there is a line with 'page name not defined' in my stats. (today's update 2.2.2 did not solve this)
It shows up in the page title report on my dashboard as well as the page title report in the actions tab.

I have checked the entire visitor log and the visitors in real time widget. In these reports all pages have a normal page name, there are no instances of 'page name not defined'.

Here is the line:

Page Name not defined   295     86  0%  0s  0%  -
Page X  95  73  26%     3 min 45s   60%     0.91s

It doesn't show statistics for 'time spend on page', 'exit rate' or 'page generation time', which I think is weird as all my other pages have a normal value for these items.

At first I thought that maybe the goals where being tracked as pages, but the number of conversions is lower (173 conversions/clicks by 67 visitors)

After a closer inspection I noticed that the number of outlinks is the same (295 outlinks, 263 unique outlinks).
Looking at the visitor log again, I see nothing out of the ordinary: outlinks have the typical image in front of them.

As I have two separate installs of piwik (one for the live site and one for development), I have checked if both show the same behaviour, and yes after updating both of them to the latest Piwik version: Outlinks are being tracked as internal pages with 'page name not defined' on both installs.

I hope there is a quick fix for this.

@mattab commented on May 9th 2014 Member

Thanks for the report, that's a regression in 2.2.2

@mattab commented on May 14th 2014 Member

In 1bf9a20999aa4413f4b888c848107ed43234fb38: Refs #5113 This may fix the bug where Outlinks are marked as "Page name not defined".
Let's see which integration tests now fail

@mattab commented on May 14th 2014 Member

In dec86d0aa1ddd2b4687fcac458b655590898be4e: Fixes #5113 Updating integration test after the bug was fixed!

@bbbart commented on June 17th 2018

Since two days the page views on a site I'm tracking with Matomo 3.5.1 seemingly tripled. Great was my surprise when I saw that this increase was mainly accountable to a page with the title 'Page Name not defined'.

Just like I read here, this phantom page gets views and unique views, but no other stats (either '0' or '-').

Last Friday I did make a change however: I minified the HTML, CSS and JS resources on my website. But the Matomo installation remained untouched.

Any pointers to help me figure out what is going wrong here?

@steffenr commented on June 26th 2020

@bbbart Could you solve your issues 2 years ago? What was the problem - right now we have similar problems with "Page Name not defined". Thx for answering.

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