@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on May 6th 2014

Is it possible to have the ability to create/export PDF custom reports from dashboards like in Google Analytics?
More detail at http://online-behavior.com/analytics/dashboards :
"3. Email

Often times, you will need to send the dashboard as a PDF file instead of sharing it. This might be the case if the person that needs it is less comfortable with Google Analytics or if you would prefer to send it to yourself as a reminder every day, week, month or quarter. In this case you would use the email functionality. You can configure the following for your email:

Destination: enter any emails that should receive the dashboard.
Subject: the subject of the email.
Frequency: can be once, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.
Day of the week/month: for weekly and monthly emails you will be able to choose the day of the week/month that the dashboard will be sent to you.
Advanced Options - Active: allows you to have an "expiration date ", i.e. you can set this email just for the period of x months and then it will stop automatically.
Content: you can write any content to be added to the email with the file.
  1. Export

This option enables you to download a PDF version of the Dashboard into your computer instantly."
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@mattab commented on May 6th 2014 Member

Thanks for the feature request, this would be such a great tool to have.

If any developer would like to contribute with this feature, feel free to get started!

@atom-box commented on February 16th 2022

We had three requests for this feature - - in the same week:

Question: What is your main concern about Matomo?
Answer: It would be nice if there was a convenient, in-built way of exporting reports in PDF-form.

Question: What is the one thing you’d like to see improved in Matomo and why?
Answer: Dashboard als PDF generieren!!!!

Question: What is the one thing you’d like to see improved in Matomo and why?
No more like the summary report on Google Analytic: on the fly download PDF reports
Matomo replied: Are you talking about them in this context? https://matomo.org/docs/tracking-goals-web-analytics/#promotional-pdf-downloads
User: No more like the summary report on Google Analytic

@atom-box commented on September 16th 2022

See also new issue created on May 5, 2022 here 19198

@atom-box commented on September 16th 2022

Today on a call,
an agency team was surprised that we cannot send a dashboard by mail.
Or even rich graphics.
Either would have excited them.

@wejdenstalr commented on November 28th 2022

I also have customers who would like to send dashboards as e-mail reports. This way we could control visualisation as pie chart etc.

A feature that would be highly appreciated.

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