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Follows up #1816

The idea behind this ticket is to get a bit more control over what we see and the importance of the % column. From my experience with 2 different teams of editors, percentages are very attractive tools when you need to argue with people...

Right now in version 2.2 we have two main options: "Zen mode" as default and "Display a table with more metrics". We need full control or at least display % without using mouse and add it to the export capability.

In Visitors=>Devices for example, at the moment, we see a single column (zen) or 7 with "More metrics" but no % column.

Even in "More metrics" mode, we still don't get a "%" column.

  1. Simplest option: Make a display option so we can see % without using the mouse, even in Zen mode. Since the data is already there but hidden without a mouseover it should be quite simple to implement.
  2. Still simple: Make a display option where % are in their own column, sortable and visible even in Zen mode and/or in "More metrics". The % column should also appear in reports and exports.
  3. Full deal: Let us choose columns to display in "More metrics". Let's keep the "true" Zen mode and make more metrics configurable. Then we would be able to hide "Avg. time on page" and "bounce rate" if it's not important to us and add our shiny new % column to it.
  4. At least, we should always have the % in exports.

Thanks for the consideration of this/these feature(s)


@mattab commented on May 6th 2014 Member

Thanks for the great suggestions!

My ideas & suggestions following your feedback:

  • Add a new Cog icon option, to "Show % values"
    • This would show the % value all the time, for the currently sorted column
    • Once this is enabled, maybe we could have another cog option "Show % values for all columns"
    • when set, it would show % value in all columns (not only the currently sorted one)
  • Add the % relative values to the API data, and metadata processed report

Maybe more complicated, and out of scope for this ticket:

  • Make a display option where % are in their own column, sortable.
  • Let user customise columns displayed in the report. Great request, we should do this. Maybe you can create a separate ticket for this one.
@mattab commented on June 5th 2014 Member

See also #5298 Display Absolute number of Conversions / Sales, in the reports

@mattab commented on September 19th 2022 Member
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