@robocoder opened this Issue on January 15th 2009 Contributor

From ticket #328, need to document that safe mode is not supported. In addition, gz output handler compression isn't supported. These can be disabled in a local .htaccess file if the user can't change php.ini (e.g., in a hosted environment).
```php_value output_handler none
php_flag register_globals off
php_flag safe_mode off

@mattab commented on January 30th 2009 Member

vipsoft, what do you mean by gz output handler compression? could you please provide a test case showing it failing, I think piwik should work in this use case.

for safe mode, I have the feeling that it sometimes work with safe mode, for some users. I guess it's just that some safe mode have different permission settings. Ideally we would test a standard debian server solution, set safe_mode on Off and see if piwik works (I think it might just work).

also, we don' tneed to set "php_flag register_globals off" it works both cases

@robocoder commented on January 30th 2009 Contributor

From ticket #328, the user was encountering this error:

Fatal error: ob_start() [<a href='ref.outcontrol'>ref.outcontrol</a>]: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in /st/core/ErrorHandler.php on line 31

The error occurs because the master php.ini has:

output_handler = ob_gzhandler

Users who can't modify the master php.ini (typically those with 3rd party hosting providers) must use a .htaccess override to disable it:
```php_value output_handler none

According to the PHP documentation, this is no longer recommended practice (and is problematic according to other php users). Moreover, since the above user's Apache build used mod_deflate, it was redundant.

I agree it probably isn't necessary to set register_globals and safe_mode both to Off, but this  is the default for my Ubuntu 8.04 environment, and Piwik appears to work.  Plus, my understanding from your comment in ticket <a href='/213'>#213</a> is that safe_mode (On) isn't supported.

Going forward it doesn't hurt to require safe_mode and register_globals be Off.  These are both removed in PHP 6.0.  
@robocoder commented on January 30th 2009 Contributor

Clarification: "this is no longer recommended practice" refers to the use of ob_gzhandler.

@mattab commented on February 2nd 2009 Member

it can be big deal to disable the sofware for some users for which it would have worked fine (some safe_mode work fine with piwik). I don't think we should change requirement or feedback messages as long as we don't know exactly when and how it fails.

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