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What page did the site appear in the search results?

Features of this version

  • provides a widget with average page result from google, yahoo, and a few other search engines for each keyword.

How to install

  • download the plugin
  • unzip, it will create a directory SearchEnginePosition
  • copy this directory in piwik/plugins/
  • go to Piwik > Settings > Plugins and enable the plugin


To maximise the usefulness of the plugin, you may want to force Piwik to keep all your keywords data. See the FAQ for more details.
In your config.ini.php, add the following:

datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_referers = 500
datatable_archiving_maximum_rows_subtable_referers = 5000

Adding a new search engine

Check out the file in plugins/SearchEnginePosition/DataFiles/SearchEngines.php to add a new search engine. Post a comment with the new entry and we'll add it in the next release of the plugin. thanks!


  • 1.0: initial release
  • 1.1: best keywords are now displayed under Referers>Search engines and keywords, as expected
  • 1.2: compatibility with Piwik 0.2.35
  • 1.3: compatibility with Piwik 0.4.1
  • 1.4: compatibility with Piwik 0.6
  • 2011 March: compatibility with Piwik 1.2

Author Contact
If you have feedback about this plugin, or want to help, please contact Radek at (radek at maciaszek.pl) or leave a comment.
Keywords: seo rankings keywords

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 28th 2010

Attachment: Still a require_error in detectRefererSearchEnginePosition function. Fixed this by adding PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH infront of the require to get the right path.

@mattab commented on March 3rd 2011 Member

Attachment: SearchEnginePosition compatible with Piwik >= 1.2

@robocoder commented on January 15th 2009 Contributor
@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 12th 2009

I couldn't install the plugin. I copied the two folders (Filter and DataFiles) into the plugins-directory and added the two names of the folders in the config-file. Is there anything else I have to do? Is there any installation guide available?

@robocoder commented on March 12th 2009 Contributor

frag-titus: please use the forum for future support requests; you have to enable the plugin from your Piwik admin panel.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on April 30th 2009

Maybe the position can be a link to the resource ? so i got "Google Page 1" so you can link with the keyword to

best regards

@mattab commented on May 13th 2009 Member

Please update to the latest version for compatibility with 0.2.35

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 15th 2009

Piwik 0.4 - nothing happens when I click "activate" on plugin, page just reloads.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on July 16th 2009

Replying to neroZ:

Piwik 0.4 - nothing happens when I click "activate" on plugin, page just reloads.

I'm having the same issue with 0.4.1

Is there something I can check to see why it's happening (or not happening) so I can add something useful?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on October 19th 2009

Replying to geniosity:

Replying to neroZ:

Piwik 0.4 - nothing happens when I click "activate" on plugin, page just reloads.

I'm having the same issue with 0.4.1

Is there something I can check to see why it's happening (or not happening) so I can add something useful?

I'm having this issue with 0.4.3

After activating the plugin and adding its widget to the dashboard I get a widget called "Best search engines with average page". When klicking on a listed search enginge I get a text "Loading..." but nothing else happens.

@robocoder commented on March 11th 2010 Contributor

From forum discussion, there's also interest in tracking the keyword's position within the results (e.g., using Google's "cd=" parameter).

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 27th 2010

Some extra information to attachement just posted:

In DataFiles/SearchEngines.php the closing ?> was missing this resulted in require_once errors. This again resulted in not tracking SearchEngines this problem should be solved with the fix.

@mattab commented on April 12th 2010 Member

In Piwik 0.6, there is a backward incompatible API change in the archiving code.

All SearchEnginePosition users will need to upgrade to the latest SearchEnginePosition plugin after they upgrade Piwik to 0.6. Piwik will automatically disable the SearchEnginePosition plugin during the upgrade to 0.6.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on April 12th 2010

I tried this plugin for the first time on Piwiki 0.5.5. I didn't use the latest version from matt, because I'm not sure if it is backward compatible. But my problem is that I didn't see search enginge position. The widget shows exactly the same information as the "normal" search engine widget.

@mattab commented on March 3rd 2011 Member

Added zip compatibility with Piwik 1.2

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on March 4th 2011

Replying to matt:

I've got the same Problem as ChristianSchneider.
I've updated to Piwik 1.2 and also installed the actual SearchEnginePosition.zip, but I can't see any search engine position. The widget behaves like standard search engine widget...

@mattab commented on March 5th 2011 Member

OK I'm moving this plugin away from the list until it is fixed some day...

@mattab commented on March 11th 2011 Member

Another bug report: Fatal error: Declaration of Piwik_SearchEnginePosition_Filter_AddAveragePage::filter() must be compatible with that of Piwik_DataTable_Filter::filter() in /var/www/plugins/SearchEnginePosition/Filter/AddAveragePage.php on line 18

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on May 30th 2012

Das Widget zeigt genau die gleichen Informationen wie die "normale" Suchmaschinen-Widget.

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