@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on March 20th 2014

I use custom variables of type numeric (i.e. age). Segmentation operators <, >, <=, >= assume that numeric variables are always of type string, so when I try to create a segment "age>=18" I'm getting wrong results because string "8" is considered bigger than "18".

It would be nice to have different operators for strings and numbers so user can force comparison method.

(note: as a workaround I started padding numbers with 0s so "8" now is "08". This only works for new visits but I still can't segment historic data).
Keywords: segmentation

@gaumondp commented on April 30th 2014

Is this why segments for including/excluding IP is taking forever to generate?

Example Segment "Internal IP only":


and Segment "External IP only":



@mattab commented on July 14th 2016 Owner
This Issue was closed on July 14th 2016
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