@mattab opened this Issue on March 16th 2014 Member

Morpheus will be the standalone from Piwik from which all other themes will inherit.

Morpheus will be showcasing quality CSS and HTML code which will make writing themes easy for artists.

This is a follow up of a project started in #4127, #3942 and several other tickets.

See also other UI/UX tickets: #4457, #4788, #4495, #4457, #4775

@mattab commented on May 24th 2014 Member

We will remove Zeitgeist theme from Piwik to focus on Morpheus: #5222

@tzi commented on May 26th 2014 Member

I'm ok to remove Zeitgeist.
Piwik core must be as lighter as possible ;)


@mattab commented on December 1st 2014 Member

Hi @tzi I'm closing this issue as I think it was done in the past. If you have suggestions of things to improve in Morpheus feel free to create new issue(s)!

This Issue was closed on December 1st 2014
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