@ryrun opened this Issue on March 12th 2014

We are currently using user defined variables for customers states of visitors on a store. This should allow use to evaluate what kind of customers did an order. guest vs existing customer vs new customer. This user defined variable will be set on each visit.
It works great for for basic visitor statistics but not for ecommerce. On ecommerce, the visits are count but not the orders. It seems the user defined stats in ecommerce tab is broken.

I'm using piwik 2.1.0, current stable version.

@mattab commented on March 24th 2014 Member

This is issue tracker, not the forums. Please ask in forums: http://forum.piwik.org/

See doc: http://piwik.org/docs/custom-variables/

@ryrun commented on March 24th 2014

This is not a question, this is a bug report. You have a strange kind of view of handling bugs ... did you actually read it?
User defined variables are broken on ecommerce page, why is this a question for you?

As i've written. Visits which completes an order are count, but not the custom variables, which was set before und during order completion.

The doc dont help here... forum, too.

@mattab commented on March 24th 2014 Member

Sorry didn't read the post properly, missed one sentence.

@ryrun commented on March 24th 2014

No problem :) I was confused, when i've read your comment.

@mattab commented on April 7th 2015 Member

Thanks @ryrun for the report - I believe it's duplicate of: wrong ecommerce conversion calculation in custom variables report #5828 so closing for now - feel free to comment on #5828 as we really want to fix this in next few months

This Issue was closed on April 7th 2015
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