@ryrun opened this Issue on March 7th 2014

I'm using a segment and got following error on ecommerce report page:

SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'log_conversion_item' in 'field list'

Segment do following:

"All visitors with ecommerce state ordered and accomplish a specific goal."

Dashboard is working fine. Visitors and Goals/Ecommerce showing this SQL error. Referers have no data. It seems that this error only happen when timeframe is bigger than 1 day. (Week/Month/Year)
Keywords: segements, ecommerce, piwik2.1.0

@mattab commented on March 9th 2014 Member

Can you please post exact URL used when seeing the error (especially the &segment= parameter)

@ryrun commented on March 10th 2014

Here thr url:


It seems, when i swap the order of the statements, then it works:

@mattab commented on March 27th 2014 Member

In b65ad7627f3eecbc4a472f26e83eb0b43e71a989: Refs #4828 Adding integration test replicating the SQL error

@mattab commented on March 27th 2014 Member

In ed3f588eba8580eac6527e846707f2a0019f484d: Fixes #4828 no comment

@mattab commented on March 27th 2014 Member

In 80520d02496f12c5235ce386009749a2d1273b1e: refs #4828 commmitting test files

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