@mgazdzik opened this Issue on March 7th 2014 Contributor

Using latest stable Piwik version (2.1.0) we found following bug in segments processing in UI. It basically comes to redundant url-decoding action during display of segmented widgets. Basically it works like that:

  • browser archiving is disabled, also browser_archiving_disabled_enforce is set to 1
  • segments are pre-processed with cron archiving
  • define 2 segments (set them to process via cron in editor), for example: test1 = pageTitle!=aaaaaa, test2=pageTitle!=aaaaaa bbbbbbbb
  • track some visits (I used visitor generator)
  • run archive.php
  • visits are archived, segments are recognized and calculated
  • log into dashboard, select segment test1 (without space) - on Visits Over Time you can see that there are some visits calculated.
    Select test2(with space in content) - you'll notice that graph is empty.

Moving deeper into this specific segment with space showing no data for dashboard, showed that if you enter Visitors Overview - you actually get graph displaying proper visits.

Here are segment strings copied from export to xml link for dashboard and Visitors Overview
dashboard: pageTitle!%3Daaaaaa%2520bbbbbbbb
visitors overview: pageTitle!=aaaaaa bbbbbbbb

that brings me to conclusion that segment string from UI request isn't passed well to API request for given widget in dashboard?
Keywords: segment, cron archive

@mattab commented on March 16th 2014 Owner
@mattab commented on March 16th 2014 Owner

Wrong fix + needs tests

@mattab commented on March 17th 2014 Owner

In de8c6053897e758c677f1482c2db72c58b4973e5: Refs #4827 Adding test case: segment is pre-processed, and test both cases: with, or without URL encoding

@mattab commented on March 17th 2014 Owner

In a6963a94546f15a0ee2ca83bf95d7549d117d39f: Refs #4827 Forgot to commit test fixture changes

@mattab commented on May 6th 2014 Owner

Problem is fixed. tests are still not running so leaving ticket opened


@mattab commented on December 1st 2014 Owner

This should mostly work now. There are still tests to be un-commented in: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/tests/PHPUnit/System/ArchiveCronTest.php#L32-65 I've created an issue to look into: Activate all CronArchive system tests #6753

@iMarkus commented on November 28th 2016 Contributor

we are currently facing such issues with Piwik 2.16.2

The widgets do not show any contents when the following segment is used:


but it displays data when using:


It looks like %20 is not working correctly for segmentation. Also exact matches with blanks in the URL are not working. Example:


we also tried to use + instead of %20 with no difference


@mattab commented on December 6th 2016 Owner

Hi @iMarkus Thanks for the report! since this issue is already closed, could you please copy it in a new issue?

@iMarkus commented on December 6th 2016 Contributor

Hi mattab,

as we are piwik pro customers i opened a ticket.


@mattab commented on December 6th 2016 Owner

Hi, ok but please note the piwik pro ticket system is not the same as the issue tracker here as we are not related. I can recommend to create a ticket here if you like to have this issue tracked in the future :+1:

This Issue was closed on December 1st 2014
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