@mbresch-sf opened this Issue on March 5th 2014

If a site-url contains more than one GET-parameters like /index.php?param1=foo&param2=bar the transition and overlay returns "There is no data for http://domain.tld/index.php?param1=foo&param2=bar"

To reproduce this issue click in Piwik Action->Pages-><transition icon of a url with more than one GET-parameter>

I found a solution in \Piwik\Tracker\TableLogAction::getIdActionFromSegment in line 202:

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$valueToMatch = Common::sanitizeInputValue(Common::unsanitizeInputValue($valueToMatch));

This line translates the $valueToMatch from "domain.tld/index.php?param1=foo&param2=bar" to "domain.tld/index.php?param1=foo&param2=bar". But the action_name in the database is "domain.tld/index.php?param1=foo&param2=bar".

My solution is to comment out line 202 so I get the right url which is matching with the database value.

Find usages of this method told me, that only the transition plugin is using this function.

Maybe this bug is related to #4595
Keywords: transition overlay

@mattab commented on April 27th 2014 Member

Moving bugs to our current milestone to make the backlog more realistic.

@mattab commented on November 13th 2014 Member
@mattab commented on November 13th 2014 Member

Fixed in latest 2.9.0 beta!

@HermannPRODYNA commented on November 27th 2015

I have exactly the problem described here with Piwik version 2.14.3.

In Actions->Pages any page containing an '&' gets "There's no data for..." when trying to open transitions.
There are no problems for any pages that don't contain '&'

Update: I opened a ticket https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/9296

This Issue was closed on November 13th 2014
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