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Feedback via mobile app:

Dear piwik,

Is it possible to code negative goals into an upcoming version piwik? When a negative goal is reached (like an outdated page or a password forgotten page being visited) a dead end street symbol could be shown instead of the chequered flag.

May be as an option under goals where per goal a selection "positive" or "negative" can be made.

Hope that can be coded because it would help to optimize the site both in user experience and reaching targets.

@mattab commented on March 4th 2014 Member

Could you maybe give more examples of what goals can be defined with "negative" selection as per your suggestion?

@wikiloops commented on November 9th 2014

please see #6580

some more "anti goal" examples:

  • 404-page visit
  • failed attempts to log in
  • failed attempts to sign up (p.e. by entering wrong CaptchaCode)
  • failure to complete a multi-step procedure (filling a survey, uploading content)

As the last example indicates, some "failures" are not bound to visiting a certain page,
but to following a trail of steps that are meant to end in a certain action/pagevisit.
This is somewhat similar to the idea of the shoping carts "abandoned cart" tracking.

It would be awesome if this kind of two-step tracking would be possible for "failures",
basicly by first raising a flag on "user has started something" (p.e. on survey page 1) and comparing that metric with "user has ended process as expected" (= survey finished).
It should be possible to do this with custom events and subtracting metric A from metric B at this point, but to offer it as a feature seems a good idea.
Everybody likes to know how many people got lost, confused or distracted on the way to reaching a goal, and there is many more goals than "only" ecommerce.

@dtreplin commented on February 8th 2021

As most helpfull I could imagine different user configurable goal counters for the dashboard instead of a single one. I would like to e.g. compare sales/registration events to unsubscibe/return events at a glace on the dashboard.

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