@hpvd opened this Issue on February 19th 2014

Current version of the great custom alerts plugin can look at what has happened in a period in the past (e.g.24h) an identify a reason for an alert.

But it can not recognize "the happening of defined things" live (near live)

Having the possibility to set up a real "watch dog" functionality with live alert
(maybe only for some special types of alerts!!)

  • is really interesting
  • would allow many many new use-cases
  • may save a lot of time when having to take action because of an alert
    (which is also the goal of the ticket to make periods shorter #4586)
  • could be combined in the best way with "in browser" alerts as described here: #4721
@mattab commented on February 22nd 2014 Member

Thanks for the suggestion!

Maybe you can list here these use cases that you think this feature will allow ?

We need to know the use cases and problem trying to solve, then we can think of best way to solve them. Cheers!

@wikiloops commented on November 9th 2014

One could call this "virality-alert", too.
If PIWIK would offer to send an automated alert on overall traffic / certain pages traffic going thru the roof on short notice, that would be an awesome tool.
In times of FB & co, one may have to deal with extreme peaks in traffic due to some viral article and might need to take action really quickly, thats why the "watchdog" is a great idea.

@hedii commented on April 6th 2020


Maybe you can list here these use cases that you think this feature will allow ?

My use case for an alert with shorter time period (1 hour or even 30 min), is to be able to see a sudden drop in traffic, and to take action immediately after that drop.

I run matomo on a standalone machine that track websites on other machines. It would help in case of server down (or partially down) => traffic drop.

I've just installed the alert plugin for that, but I cannot use it as is without a shorter period option.

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