@mattab opened this Issue on February 17th 2014 Member

As part of our effort to introduce AngularJS in Piwik, we shall rewrite the All Websites dashboard using AngularJS.

The rewrite will bring a few powerful benefits:

  • Introduce a modern JS library to Piwik: AngularJS, and introduce some best practises and patterns. See also #4691
  • Our current JS code can be hard to maintain and innovate upon. The new All Websites JS code with AngularJS will be smaller and easier to improve in the future.
  • let's add an inline search box to the All Websites page
    • this will let users easily search for particular websites on the page.

See also #2174

@tsteur commented on February 25th 2014 Member

In 4224360c48aff0cdd0a7cf850e07d43c28e69cd9: Merge pull request #230 from piwik/angularjs_websites_selector

refs #4692 #2174 SiteSelector and AllWebsitesDashboard using AngularJS

This Issue was closed on February 27th 2014
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