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It appears that there is bug in Goals API method get. When trying to run a segmented query on this method I get error "Table 'log_conversion', can't be joined for segmentation".

How to reproduce:

  • make a fresh install of Piwik
  • track some visits and conversions (I used visitor generator, and then manually triggered few conversions with revenue defined)
  • run Goals.get() without segment - it should return normal metrics
  • then add segment &segment=visitConvertedGoalId==1 (assuming that 1 is goal id tracked)
  • this should cause throwing error.

Originally this issue came up when this segment was defined using segment selector and while using it, user would enter Visitors overview (which uses API.get() method, which during it's execution also calls Goals.get() with the same segment) and causes to throw the same error in graphs place.

On the other hand, passing idGoal parameter to Goals.get() returns proper values for call.

I also checked for this issue in 2.0.4-b8 and was able to reproduce using flow described above.
Keywords: goals api segment

@mattab commented on February 8th 2014 Member

See duplicate #4503

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