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Suggested by Stefan from the Piwik team, see this pull request: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/213

there are lots of improvements:

  • added device detection for samsung SHV models 80e9750
  • fixed device detection for some lenovo devices a247898
  • fixed device detection for asus transformer pads e05162d
  • added device detection for Cube tablets 6d0b664
  • improved general device detection: always assume that there are no le 3b47f83
  • added device detection for Samsung SHW models 990139b
  • improved detection of HTC Desire models 87b1461
  • improved detection of alcatel one touch series f911d73
  • improved detection of zte & i-mobile devices 1e7808c
  • added detection of lenovo IdeaTab devices d0c3a40
  • added detection of symphony devices 5f5b330
  • improved detection of MicroMax devices 6da2342
  • improved detection of motorola droid devices 3fe5d12
  • added detection of archos tablets 5c1205a
  • improved detection of asus transformer series a9279a2
  • improved detection of pantech devices; some language parts in userage 0a86d80
  • improved detection of videocon devices 2c2d9f5
  • added detection of CnM tablets c14b688
  • added detection for motorola MZ607 (alias Xoom2) 1bf79bd
  • added detection of motorola MZXXX tablets 9804985
  • added detection for motorola XT series 349bf68
  • added detection for motorola MB series ec1039f
  • added detection for motorola ME series a675758
  • improved detection of microsoft and playstation console f706b3e
  • always do a device detection! otherwise devices running a desktop os
  • detect bada version if possible cbc301f
  • added detection for browsers ChromePlus & CoolNovo 6c78a17
  • try to return a specific icon for given browser before returning the 620e0e7
  • added test for bada device; small fix for samsung device detection f796d31
  • added device detection for HP Slate tablets 2cd42f4
  • added detection for Cat tablets 0ddd84d
  • improved detection for some sharp devices 6c60740
  • added detection of gemini devices 1965b86
  • added some missing brand icons 74fdabd
  • added possibility to show all available browsers, os, device types an e12041e
  • improved methods to get browser/os logos. always try to find an accur 3cdeec5
  • added icon for device type car browser 37e5306
  • added new device type 'smart display' for devices like ViewSonic VSD2 26254ab
  • added some brand icons 22da411
  • added detection for some PolyPad devices 70fcb96
  • fixed detection of browser short code c169084
  • fixed detection of os short code 9276cfe
  • added detection for some KT-Tech devices c16657a
  • added proper detection of a custom rom from HTC HD2 805d9a8
  • added detection for some manta multimedia devices aaad57a
  • improved detection of ViewSonic VSD devices 3e49edf
  • added possibility to translate device types 976e178
  • added missing browsers to useragentparser dceb7d1
  • changed matching of os and browser name; names should be set correct c4544cf
  • added detection for 'Comodo Dragon' browser 05aa038
  • improved detection of kindle devices 8d83f12
  • added detection of AmigaOS 135d641
@sgiehl commented on February 10th 2014 Member

Changes are merged to master.

This Issue was closed on February 10th 2014
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